Wesley’s Wish

Wesley and his little friend Charlie, who had come to stay over the Christmas holidays, were busy putting up the last few Christmas decorations in Wesley’s mouse -sized home and nibbling away on mini mince pies made with butter pastry.

“Oh, I do wish everyone knew,” sighed Wesley.

“Everyone knew what?” questioned Charlie.

“Everyone knew about Christmas!” replied Wesley

“Ooh, yes. Presents, parties, chocolates! Your right.  Everyone should know, and, us mice get loads of leftovers! Perfect,” said Charlie.

“Oh, Charlie, that’s how we celebrate it now, but that’s not why we have Christmas. Let me tell you a very special, real life story that has been passed on through my family for ever. Maybe when you hear the story, it’ll be your wish to pass it on too”, explained Wesley.

“Well, Great, great Granny Mouse (everyone just called her Granny), lived a long way from here in a cold outside stable. She shared it with other mice and big animals too like cows, goats and sheep. There was always straw to make a comfy nest and animal food to eat, but she always did say that those cows were ever so smelly sometimes. Granny’s family liked to snuggle down to sleep in a straw-filled manger, curled up together – it was so perfect for them.”

Granny said, that a story was told many years earlier, that one day a baby would be born in a town called Bethlehem and the baby would grow up to be a good, kind man who would show people how to live good lives. He would be God’s own son and, in the years to come, would show the world just how much they were loved by God.

One night, the stable door creaked open and a man and a lady came in (not only that, they brought a donkey in too!) Granny scurried to the corner and didn’t make a squeak, but watched from her little hidey hole. The people weren’t very old, but they were so tired. She was called Mary and he was called Joseph. Joseph found some clean straw and made a place for Mary to rest. They had had a long journey.

The stable home was still and silent but for the gentle rustle of straw and muffled voices. Granny Mouse drifted off to sleep, but later awoke to the cries of a baby!”

“A baby!” Charlie exclaimed. “In a stable!”

Wesley continued.

“The animals gathered protectively around the stable entrance. And there, huddled in Mary’s arms, lay a new born baby. Granny rubbed her tiny eyes in amazement at this beautiful scene. A mysterious warmth and light filled the stable. Mary and Joseph wrapped the baby up in a soft blanket, to keep him cosy and cuddled him.

Granny’s eager eyes darted from side to side. Where could they put the baby? Granny scampered to her manger nest chasing the other mice out of it and there, offered it to Mary for the baby. It would be warm there.

Granny just knew that this was the baby that had been promised so long ago.

Oh, how she wished others could share this story. It should never be forgotten.

Soon, there was a knock on the stable door. A lady appeared, who lived near the stable.

“I heard a baby crying” she whispered. “I’ve brought you some tea and toast. I thought you might like some. I didn’t have anything else.”

Mary looked over and smiled. “Oh, thank you. Come in. Come and meet him.” She said gently.

“What will you call him?” the neighbour asked.

“He has a name above all other names. His name is ‘Jesus’. Come close to him.  Would you like to hold him?”

Granny watched as Jesus was held close in those nervous arms, honoured to be welcomed into that first Christmas scene.

Granny said she kept out from under their feet, as mice are not usually welcomed anywhere, but she was fairly sure that Mary and Joseph had spotted her on numerous occasions and that she was welcome too. After all, Granny needed to know the story, so she could pass it on.

In the following days other people visited the stable, where Mary and Joseph cared for their new son. God’s son. He was so very precious.

Shepherds, who had been out in the fields, looking after their sheep, came to the stable to welcome the baby Jesus.

Kings also came to visit. They arrived riding on camels and the Kings were dressed in fine clothes and sparkly jewels and yet they too bowed before the tiny baby who was sleeping in a borrowed manger. They had brought him special gifts.

Children, eager to meet this special baby, brought home-made gifts to Jesus too.

Granny shook her tiny head almost in disbelief, as each visitor, whether a mighty King bringing precious gifts or neighbours and children bringing all that they had, were welcomed in the stable home of God’s own son.”

“Wow!” said Charlie.

“As Granny rested in her cosy little nest, she wished that everyone knew what she had seen. She told her family the story of that very first Christmas and asked them to pass it on. So, you see Charlie”, explained Wesley, “THIS is why we celebrate Christmas, with so much joy, Jesus is God’s gift to the world. We share gifts at Christmas, to remember God’s gift to us – a bit like the gifts brought by the Kings. We have all the fun because its Jesus’ birthday party and He wants us to pass the story on.

It’s an amazing story and I am so pleased that Granny passed it on.”

“Ooh! I’ll pass that story on. I’ll help make your wish come true,” promised Charlie, “It’s amazing!”

Will you help Wesley’s wish come true? Will you pass the story on?

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Happy Christmas.

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