Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." (Mathew 28:18-19)

The purpose of the mission work we do at Great Ayton Methodist Church is to try and follow this ‘Great Commission’ that is given to every follower of Jesus Christ.

It is the responsibility of the whole Church to ensure that we remain committed to this focus on mission. All we do is out of concern for God’s glory and the extension of His kingdom.

At Great Ayton Methodist Church we structure how we undertake this work into four main areas:

  • Worship: the expression of our love of and reverence for God. Read more here
  • Children and young people: our work to support, care for and show God’s love for children and their families. Read more here
  • Church in the community: our work to minister to and care for people in the village and wider world to show God’s love for all people. Read more here
  • Pastoral: to be a family in Christ who care for, pray for and support one another at all times, especially in times of need. Read more here

Church charity

The church and its members give formally and informally to a number of charitable causes throughout the year. However, each year the church selects a particular charity or charities that it will support by raising funds from activities and events. Various church groups and individuals take part, either running or supporting events. Traditionally the church selects more local charities for one year then a more internationally focused causes the next although this varies from time to time.

Over the last six years, despite lockdowns and restrictions Great Ayton Methodist Church has raised around £63,000 for good causes. Over this period we have supported The Smiles Foundation, Teesside Hospice, The Russ Devereux Headlight Project.  Over the last year we have raise money for the Blue Dragon Children’s Project in Hanoi, Vietnam which works to support children and families from crises to to save children from trafficking, and the Source Of Light School, providing education to children in a remote area of Uganda

Rev Rob Weir presents Catherine Devereux of the Russ Devereux Headlight Project a cheque for £10,000 on Sunday 23 October 2022


Fund for Human Need

For 2024, we have decide to support an organisation called Fund for Human Need. The Fund for Human Need (FHN) is a small UK Methodist-affiliated charity established in 1960 to relieve poverty and hunger. Based in Darlington but covering the whole of the UK the majority of our help is directed through agencies that work on the front line with those in need.

Relief payments (once only, up to a maximum of £120) are made, irrespective of faith, ethnic origin or social group to individuals in the UK. Priority is given to those who are destitute or have no income or benefits, to those who are particularly vulnerable and to those where a small amount of money will make a significant difference. The impact they make is significant because we are flexible and are plugging gaps and meeting immediate needs – whatever that is. Often it is basics like food and winter clothing, sleeping bags, travel to medical or solicitor appointments, a phone to stay in contact with the agencies. Energy top ups or household basics, cooking utensils, bedding etc for those re-homed to empty properties.

There are very few limits on the circumstances for applications, although we accept personal applications, 90% of awards are processed through recognised charities and local organisations who liaise with FHN to manage the safe distribution of awards. These organisation applications are dealing with domestic / family violence as well as the homeless and those caught up in benefit delays.

Each month FHN sends out awards equivalent to as much of our income as possible after meeting our running costs (1 part time member of staff) and maintaining the charity commission required reserves. In 2022/23 FHN distributed £74,220.00 direct into the hands of those who are in need, directly affecting the lives of 1129 people, many of them children.

As FHN are classed as a grant giving body, as such we are unable to apply to many of the larger charitable trusts lottery etc. even for running costs so we are always looking at ways of meeting these costs through smaller awards / donors/ sponsorship.

Further information can be found at by contacting the Administrator: Gill Mason – by E mail to Fundhumanneed@gmail.com. Phone: 01325 244992


A fully inclusive church

We believe that God’s love extends to all. We believe that he made us in His own image and, as he is perfect, He doesn’t make mistakes. Therefore everyone is made at He intended.We also believe that everyone is of equal value in God’s eyes; are are all special to Him.

This means that we welcome everyone to take part fully in the life of the church; to worship with us, to serve with us and to take up leadership positions within the church. So, regardless of your, age, disability. gender, sexuality, sexual orientation or race, we welcome you.

Within the Methodist Church nationally a task Group presented a report to the 2019 Conference with recommendations about various issues to do with relationships in general and marriage in particular, including same sex marriages and marriage of people who have been divorced. Those recommendations were submitted to the wider Church for consultation during 2019-2020. The circuit is gave some feedback to the District Synod in February 2021 and the matter was considered at the July 2020 Conference.

This Conference agreed, by a substantial margin to accept the principles of the report.  Individual churches ministers were allowed to make  their own decisions about how to proceed so that while pursuing a path to greater equality no individual or church council will be compelled to act against their beliefs. 

In spring of 2023 Great Ayton Methodist Church council agreed by a large majority to accept the findings of the report and to become registered to be able to hold weddings of people of the same sex as well as those between a man and a woman. We’re delighted to have taken this decision so that the joy of a Christian marriage is open to all.  You can find out more about getting married at Great Ayton Methodist Church here.