Our Vision

In early 2017 we recognised that we did not have a vision for Great Ayton Methodist Church that all members identified with and felt able to commit to. We undertook a survey of members and, from this a mission & vision plan for the Church was born. Meetings of members and Council have been undertaken through out the process to both seek views and guide the development of the plan.

This work identified the following key areas on which the church should focus.

• vibrant in worship and being
• ecumenical
• prayerful
• attractive to the community
• community integrated
• growth in Spirit and in member numbers
• being a place for all

From this the Leadership team put forward a detailed action plan which was agreed by church council and church members. The seven key areas set out in the vision have been split into 35 sections with nearly 100 individual actions. These include some developments to the church premises, activities, work in the community, mission activities and so on.

The Implementation Plan is a clearly thought out strategy to transform Great Ayton Methodist Church to:
• ensure that the church is sustainable in the long term
• keep Methodist values at its heart and the focus is on worship and prayer
• be community based
• be a place for all.

We are currently working to review and renew our church vision. We have undertaken a wide consultation with our members and friends leadership team have produced a draft plan based on these responses and our overall aims. This will be presented to the church family at an open meeting then, following any amendments will be passed to church council for  agreement  ready for implementation in Spring 2024. We are doing this to make sure that we are remaining true to God’s word and focusing on the right things in our lives of worship and service to the community.