The overall vision of the Pastoral mission of the church is to be a caring, sharing family that supports each other at all times, especially in times of need; a family that holds each other up in prayer and has fellowship together through Jesus Christ.

The task of caring for everybody within the Church is too great for one person. The pastoral team is in place to help the Minister with this portion of the church vision. The pastoral secretary coordinates the work of 20 pastoral visitors and liaises with a pastoral team of four to five people. There are many aspects of church life that can be made easier by a friendly visit, but sometimes it is necessary to pass on information, perhaps in confidence, so that further help and care can be provided.


Pastoral Care at Great Ayton Methodist Church

The church cares for you in the following ways:

Pastoral Visitors

  • The 20 pastoral visitors have been allocated a group of members and friends (between 1-13 people) who make routine visits to the people on their lists at Harvest, Christmas, Easter and possibly more if the need arises. There is one meeting of the pastoral visitors and the minister per year.

The Pastoral Team:

  • Takes on extra visits to the housebound, those not able to come to church, people who may be chronically unwell and people with personal struggles,
  • Meets approximately every 8 weeks to review needs and report on progress with the pastoral secretary,
  • Prays for each other and for people,
  • Reports any sudden problems or new situations or needs to the pastoral secretary.

The Pastoral Secretary:

  • Works with the minister to ensure delivery of pastoral care to church members and friends in the community,
  • Helps develop church life and opportunities to meet the needs of the church and community so works with the other mission areas to support activities such as ¬†eg J Time, Luncheon Club , Prime Time and Boccia, Coffee and Crafts, Family Fun Time, Youth groups, Saturday coffee mornings and house groups,
  • Ensures the computer database of church members and friends is kept up to date with addresses and other appropriate information in line with data protection requirements,
  • Is the lynch-pin for the pastoral team and visitors, offering support,
  • Convenes one pastoral meeting a year with the minister, pastoral team and visitors,
  • Ensures the distribution of membership tickets,
  • Ensures the Harvest, Christmas and Easter newsletters are printed and distributed,
  • Is the local contact for requests for visits from the church.