The Church and You

Great Ayton Methodist Church is God's church, it's our church and we hope it's your church too.


As vital to our lives as Sunday worship is, we hope that the church is much more than that. We aim to be witnesses for God’s love for everyone and to serve him by trying to serve the community in Great Ayton and further afield. You will see from our ‘Mission’ and ‘What’s on’ pages the things that we do to achieve these aims. We’d love to see you take part in any of these activities that might be relevant for you.

We also want to be there at those important moments in people’s lives such as baptisms, marriages and funerals, you might want to book our hall for a celebration or event or just need someone to talk to. Have a look at our ‘How can we help’ page for more information.


As a church we always have volunteering opportunities too. The events and activities we run need, as you would imagine, a lot of helpers and we keep having ideas about new ways we can serve the village, spread God’s word or raise money for charity.

If you feel able to offer help in any way, please contact the minister, Rev Rob Weir (tel: 01642 724968, email: about how things work. We’re a friendly bunch and you’d be very welcome.