The cost to maintain the church building, worship, community services and circuit assessment (the amount that Great Ayton Methodist Church contributes towards the cost of running the Stokesley Methodist Circuit) comes from regular giving, donations, bequests and fund raising activities. The church also supports other charitable causes throughout the year either from its own funds or by specially arranged collections. Without your support none of the church's activities and giving would be possible.
If you feel called to support our work as a church you can give in a number of different ways.

You can do so now by clicking the button to the left, or by clicking here. This will take you to the website of our donation partner ‘Give A Little’ where you can donate securely using your credit or debit card. You can choose to receive an email receipt if you wish.


For other ways of giving, including regular donations through our offering schemes, see below.

Weekly Offering

The traditional way has been to give as part of the ‘offering’ during Sunday services. This is still a popular method for members and visitors alike. A collection is taken up in most services. On occasions a collection plate will be passed around during the service; more usually this is situated by the entrance to the church sanctuary for people to place their voluntary donation (or ‘offering’) when the enter. A card payment machine, sited with the collection plate is available for those wanting the convenience of making a contactless card payment.

Additional options are to use our Envelope Scheme or give by Standing Order.

Envelope Scheme

The Envelope Scheme is very simple. On joining the scheme you will be issued a pack of envelopes, one for each Sunday of the year. You can place your gift in the envelopes and put them in with the offering when you next attend church.

If you would like a packet of envelopes, please contact our Gift Aid secretary, John Berry.

Standing Order

An increasingly popular alternative is to use a bank standing order (most of the church’s regular income comes from standing orders). This is a very easy and confidential way to give and administratively is much more convenient to the church.

You give by standing order by instructing your bank to transfer a certain amount from your account to the church account on a regular basis (usually monthly). You can change or cancel this arrangement at any time. If you would like to give by this method complete the standing order mandate (available here) or contact the gift aid secretary who will provide you with a copy. On completion, please send the completed form to your bank.


These usually take the form of a one off gift to the church. This can be done by cheque or bank transfer. Cheques can be made out to Great Ayton Methodist Church and passed to the treasurer or a steward. If you would like to make a direct bank transfer you can do so by contacting the Great Ayton Methodist Church treasurer who will provide you with the necessary details. If you’re thinking about making a one-off donation please consider whether you can do this through the Gift Aid scheme (see below).

Gift Aid

The Government allows any recorded donation to charity to be tax-free and increases the value of your giving by 25%. This means that if you give £1000 over the year, we can claim back an additional £250 from the government via the Gift Aid scheme.

Most families and individuals who donate to the church now Gift Aid and it represents a significant part of the church’s annual income.

How do I Gift Aid?

All you need to do is fill out a very simple Gift Aid form (available here) and pass it to the Gift Aid Secretary John Berry, Treasurer or Church Steward.

You can increase or decrease your gift as your circumstances change – you don’t have to fill out a separate form.

If you are no longer paying tax please advise the Gift Aid Secretary or Treasurer. The Gift Aid will then stop.

Charitable Status

Great Ayton Methodist Church is a registered charity, number 1170323.