Newly launched on Facebook, ‘Thought Shorts’ is a new series of posts of little thoughts or devotionals to stimulate conversation, consideration of the topic and hopefully to introduce readers to the the relevance of the Bible to their lives today. Thought shorts will be a weekly series appearing on a Wednesday (but I don’t promise not to miss one occasionally!) The original author will be credited for the post. Here’s the first; look out for more on our Facebook Page

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. (Jeremiah 17:7)

This world does a great job of teaching us to be skeptical of all things. We live in an age of online scams, empty political promises, conspiracy theories, and more. And we grow up hearing phrases like, “seeing is believing.” But is it?

Christians profess their faith in the unseen. Academia defines this faith as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Complete trust? Do we really trust God as he deserves?

Many of us agree with what Jesus teaches, but only on an intellectual level. We enjoy a good sermon on Sunday morning, but then live life on our terms the rest of the week. Need proof? Audit what you consume with your eyes and ears. Take note of the food you eat, and how well you treat your body; revaluate how you treat others, how content you are with what you have, and how you spend your money. These are all areas of life where God has something important to say. And while no one is perfect, the truth is, too many of us live like we don’t trust God with these issues and it’s preventing us from living fully in His Spirit.

In James 1:22-25, we’re reminded that when it comes to God’s Word, there’s a difference between listening and doing. It’s important to hear (or read) what God says, but it’s more important to put those words into action and let them guide our everyday thoughts and behaviors. When we choose to fully and authentically trust Jesus with every aspect of our lives, we come alive!

So, what are you doing that qualifies you as a true believer of God? Is your skepticism holding you back from living fully in Christ? Today, take one small, practical step that requires trusting God. Tomorrow, take another.

Mark Henderson, The Inspired Legacy Podcast