Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Mathew 28:18-19)


The purpose of the mission work we do at Great Ayton Methodist Church is to try and follow this ‘Great Commission’ that is given to every follower of Jesus Christ.

It is the responsibility of the whole Church to ensure that we remain committed to this focus on mission. All we do is out of concern for God’s glory and the extension of His kingdom.

At Great Ayton Methodist Church we structure how we undertake this work into four main areas:

  • Worship: the expression of our love of and reverence for God. Read more here
  • Children and young people: our work to support, care for and show God’s love for children and their families. Read more here
  • Church in the community: our work to minister to and care for people in the village and wider world to show God’s love for all people. Read more here
  • Pastoral: to be a family in Christ who care for, pray for and support one another at all times, especially in times of need. Read more here

Holy Habits

Holy Habits is an adventure in Christian discipleship. Inspired by Luke’s model of church found in Acts 2:42–47, it identifies ten habits and encourages the development of a way of life formed by them.

The habits are: Biblical Teaching, Fellowship, Breaking Bread, Prayer, Sharing Resources, Serving, Eating Together, Gladness and Generosity, Worship, and Making More Disciples.

Great Ayton Methodist Church, along with the other churches in the Stokesley Methodist Circuit are following this programme for the next couple of years. Starting with eating together in Spring of 2019 the church along with others in the circuit took many opportunities to eat together within the church and members of the community. Eating together is an important ay of building relationships and sharing God’s love wit others. The aim is that we build by adding another habit every three months or so and that by the end of the programme churches will be living these habits out in our worship, pastoral and mission life. Now that we’ve reached September, it’s time to add another ‘habit’ to our focus; that of ‘fellowship’. This ‘habit’ is being lunch with a ceilidh at Stokesley Methodist Church on Friday 6 September 2019; see our what’s on page for more information. A recommended reading list is available to assist us in our preparation for our focus on fellowship.Recommended reading – Holy Habits

You can learn more about the activities and events we run on our ‘What’s On‘ page.

We ask for your prayers as we try and live our lives in the way that Luke instructs the early church to do.


Church charity

The church and its members give formally and informally to a number of charitable causes throughout the year. However, each year the church selects a particular charity or charities that it will support by tasing funds from activities and events, Various church groups and individuals take part, either running or supporting events.

Traditionally the church selects more local charities for one year then a more internationally focused causes the next although this varies from time to time.

The charities are selected based on needs at the time, connections of church members or other local, national or international events and needs.

For 2019 the church will be raising money for The Smiles Foundation, a Christian charity supporting the Roma and other communities in Romania. You can find out more about the work of The Smiles Foundation here.

Look out on our What’s on page for upcoming events.


Marriage and Relationships 2019

The Marriage and Relationships Task Group presented a report to the 2019 Conference with recommendations about various issues to do with relationships in general and marriage in particular. Those recommendations will be submitted to the wider Church for consultation during 2019-2020, with a final decision being made at the July 2020 Conference. You can read the report, watch a film about the repot and find other reading and prayer materials on the Methodist Church website,